You need a flexible communication solution -
autonomous of existing infrastructures?

Your communication solution has to be reliable -
also under most difficult environmental conditions?

Your audio, video and data applications require
broadband communication?

You have highest demands concerning
security and reliability issues?

A simple and user-friendly handling is indispensable for you?

Your solution: HiMoNN
mobile, secure and versatile!



Mobile, secure and versatile

HiMoNN (Highly Mobile Network Node) is a mobile and secure broadband communication system developed by IABG based on ad-hoc network technology. Today, HiMoNN is applied in numerous types of security operations, e. g., with the police, fire brigade, technical support forces and in the industry sector. Due to its performance qualities, HiMoNN typically provides advantages in situations where task forces have communication demands, but where a communication infrastructure is not available, overloaded, where it is not reliable or destroyed. This is, for example, the case during disaster control operations or with major fires or floods. Furthermore, HiMoNN brings a tremendous benefit for the monitoring of critical infrastructures, with major events such as football games or demonstrations or also in case of hostage situations and other special operation tasks.

Advantage of HiMoNN

HiMoNN offers a flexible and secure broadband communication solution, which can be taken in to operation quickly and without specific technical knowledge. It supplies involved forces interactively with information via voice, data and video applications. HiMoNN permits users to assess any current situation or any scene of operation at all times. The ability of connecting HiMoNN with a wide area network communication system, such as the internet, allows the presentation of the current situation on-site and also in a remote operation centre. At the same time, any information from internet or intranet data bases, such as building plans, directions, documents or personal data can be transmitted to the scene. In addition, involved forces can access to their usual work environment from the spot.


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