These capabilities are important not only for professional fire brigades in larger cities and volunteer fire brigades, but also for company fire brigades at plants and airports. The flexible communication system HiMoNN guarantees a secure broadband connection of the operation site on factory premises or the airport with the respective fire control centre. 

HiMoNN provides a flexible and secure broadband communications solution that is automatically set up and immediately available between vehicles on the spot. With this - different client devices as well as sensors can communicate in real time. Additionally, HiMoNN has a GPS functionality to visualize the current position of the HiMoNN devices in a monitoring display. Transmissions to other networks and the connection to remote control centers are possible via mobile, satellite, directional radio or terrestrial networks. This allows for example direct access to data bases in the fire control center from the operation site.

HiMoNN is based on ad-hoc networking technology and thus does not require any stationary communications infrastructure. The ability of each communication node simultaneously to act as a relay increases the possible distances between senders and receivers and permits establishing a communications network over several square kilometres. This way the network can be spread to locations that are not covered by an existing stationary communications infrastructure, as may be necessary with operations in tunnels, if fire has destroyed the existing infrastructure. Networks often must be extended for operations in buildings where steel and concrete prevent connection to external radio communications networks.

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