HiMoNN is designed to optimize numerous areas of application. In the following four typical network topologies are outlined.

Network coverage

The radio range allows that only a few HiMoNN nodes is enough to cover the operation site. Placing the nodes on elevated points (towers, buildings, …) further increases the range and consequently the radio coverage.


Operation examples:

  • Major events and demonstrations
  • Major incidents e.g. aircraft crash
  • Factory premises

Network extension

The relay functionality of individual HiMoNN nodes enables the extension of an existing communication network to the operation site. The existing communications network is connected via HiMoNN, operated as gateway.


Operation examples:

  • Accidents in underground tunnels
  • Fires in large building complexes
  • Connection of operation site and control centre

Mobile gateway

A mobile platform operates a HiMoNN node as a gateway between the local network at the operation ground and a wide area network such as the internet.

Mobiles Gateway

Operation examples:

  •  Network connection of mobile control centers
  • Connection to the internet and intranet
  • Network connection of remote sensors

Mobile network interconnection

Several HiMoNN nodes are acting simultaneously interconnected. Hence a broadband connection of network users is guaranteed at all times.

Mobiler Netzverbund

Operation examples:

  • Convoys
  • Escorts
  • Vehicle chases
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