HiMoNN - mobile ad-hoc network (MANET)

HiMoNN stands for Highly Mobile Network Node and represents a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) as a whole.

The core system consists of a number of mobile communication nodes, which interconnect automatically after operation start-up. The communication routes are automatically set up in the optimum way to connect all reachable nodes. In a mobile use case where the relative position of the communication nodes may constantly change the connections are permanently optimised and thus dynamically adapted to the new network conditions.

A communication node in a MANET can perform either the role of a sender, or a receiver, or a relay of information. MANET nodes consequently cannot be differentiated between end devices and router since each MANET node represents both.

The HiMoNN system permits wide-band communication of up to 28 MBit/s over a distance of several kilometres. 

Different from other radio based communication systems like GSM/GPRS, UMTS, TETRA or a Wireless LAN in infrastructure mode the HiMoNN ad-hoc network does not require an a priori fix installation of infrastructur.

HiMoNN supports connecting commercial off-the-shelf devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones or cameras comfortably via WiFi access point function or via Ethernet as clients to the HiMoNN network. Additionally HiMoNN provides a gateway function to connect the HiMoNN network to other networks such as the internet. Hence, HiMoNN clients can exchange information with external systems such as data bases.