Highest security in the MANET

HiMoNN is not only characterised by high mobility and flexibility, special focus was also put on optimum security. In co-operation with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) suitable measures for the protection of the transmitted information were identified and integrated into the HiMoNN system. This starts with access control mechanisms for the connection of user client devices, continues with the protection of the radio-based user access, up to the protection of the information exchanged between different HiMoNN communication nodes.

The design and the integration of suitable security mechanisms focused on addressing the following substantial security requirements:

  • Ensurance of confidentiality of data and control information,
  • Ensurance of integrity of the data and control information,
  • Verifiability of the authenticity of data and control information,
  • Avoidance of unnecessary control information,
  • Access control for the connection of client devices to the HiMoNN,
  • Access control for the HiMoNN user access.

The technical guideline “Secure WLAN” of the BSI served as the basis for the protection of the radio-based user access. Hence, a WPA2 based encryption is available at this interface.

SINAFor the protection of the transfer of information between HiMoNN nodes the as secure widely accepted and powerful IPSec encryption standard was used and adapted to the requirements of a mobile ad-hoc system. In this context the application of SINA technology was also successfully tested with HiMoNN in co-operation with the BSI and the secunet Security Networks AG. SINA is a secunet product and is the only IP-based technology for the transfer of classified information up to the classification TOP SECRET certified by the BSI.


HiMoNN as transparent communication system also supports the application of customer specific encryption software on the connected client devices of the respective users.

The security requirements to the HiMoNN system are highly specific in terms of applications and user needs. Therefore the HiMoNN security mechanisms are offered to the customer in form of a flexible three-stage concept.

three-stage concept

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